Common and Costly Mistakes Homeowners Can Avoid

Getting to call yourself a homeowner is one of the greatest privileges of being an adult, especially if you’ve worked hard to fulfill the requirements of securing your dream house. However, it isn’t always a smooth experience, especially with unpredictable issues that are sure to arise at one point or another. Homeowners should be prepared to deal with anything from minor appliance breakdowns to damages from inclement weather.

More often than not, some issues are caused by oversight and a lack of maintenance that the house naturally requires. Even the most experienced homeowners can fall into the habit of neglecting consistent upkeep. While having home insurance is a good safety measure, learning how to avoid these mistakes can save you money and prevent unwanted stress.

Here are some tips on avoiding some of the most common mistakes that homeowners make.

1. Neglecting or Ignoring the Small Details

If you notice things like small cracks in the wall plaster or the upstairs toilet that runs for too long, then it’s the best course of action not to ignore them. Even the seemingly small inconsistencies can be indicators of problems that will become more difficult later on. While a leaking faucet might seem negligible and part of a well lived-in home, it can seriously cause your water bill to skyrocket. Cracks might seem normal, but it never hurts to get it checked to ensure that it isn’t due to rotting mold underneath. Consistently fixing the small details now could save a significant amount in the long run.

2. Not Maintaining Your Appliances Regularly

Keeping your home appliances in tip-top shape is one of the most effective ways to prolong their lifespan and ensure they perform well. Not only that, but a well-maintained home appliance can prevent damages that require replacements or pose dangerous risks, such as fires and significant water damage. Homeowners can practice the following to keep appliances in good working condition:

– Regular cleaning of dryer exhaust vents (at least once a year)
– Ensure that hoses on washing machines are in good condition
– Clean refrigerator coils yearly
– Clean the dishwasher’s food filters regularly
– Regular vacuuming of window air conditioning units
– Replace batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

3. Neglecting Major Home Systems

Not giving your HVAC system the attention it needs is a sure way to end up with a major problem, especially without the right insurance. Getting your central AC unit and furnace serviced annually before heavy usage will raise any issues while they are still minor. Practicing regular maintenance like changing out the filters is also a must.

4. Forgetting to Do Regular Checks

You should be familiar with all aspects of your living space, especially areas that haven’t been checked in a while. Attics or crawl spaces can harbor problems that may not be obvious because of their hidden location, so doing regular checks is good practice to look for problems such as leaks or advanced wear and tear. Your home’s exterior should also receive the same kind of attentiveness, especially since the roof is susceptible to minor and major problems if not maintained properly. Catching these issues is especially important before the fall and winter months arrive. 

5. Not Investing in a Home Warranty

Preventive maintenance and vigilant checks are not always enough to prevent major breakdowns or issues in your home. A pipe may burst, or your air conditioner may conk out completely. Sometimes things just happen, so it’s best to secure a home warranty and apply for insurance as soon as you get the keys to your home to prevent exorbitant costs when problems do arise.


Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life, so taking care of it is a non-negotiable. While maintenance services and repairmen can fix any problems that crop up, shelling out cash for these fixes can hurt your wallet more than you’d like.

 By prioritizing preventive maintenance measures you can easily do yourself or with a professional’s aid, you can keep your home in top shape. Being prepared with home insurance also provides you with the appropriate coverage as a safety net. Remember, prevention is key in maintaining not only your health but the overall state of your precious home. 

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