Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Business Insurance

If you’re running a small business, you will require insurance that offers policies meant to protect you and your operations—even when you’re just starting. With the array of coverage you can find in the market, it can be intimidating to choose the right insurance policies that meet your needs.

Business owners should learn to invest in the right policies that can offer safety against potential claims you can face in the future if you deal with unsatisfied customers or employees. If you want to reduce the stress while running a company, it’s best to secure yourself with business insurance you know you can benefit from.

But before you choose one, you should determine the coverage it includes and read through the particulars before signing any documents and closing deals. Keep reading below to find out some helpful information before applying for business insurance:

You Need a Business Insurance to Cover a Home-Based Business

If your small business doesn’t have a store and you’re working from your house, you might think your home insurance is enough to cover you. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case—you are still highly recommended to get business insurance!

While you can acquire some benefits from home insurance for your business, business insurance can assure you that your operations will be protected accordingly. If you face a claim in the future, you won’t have any problems so long as you have business insurance to back you up.

General Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover All Risks

General liability insurance offers broad policies that do not necessarily address each claim you come across. It doesn’t serve as the solution you need to take care of yourself when dealing with risks regarding your business operations.

The insurance works to provide the needed protection if you receive a claim against your company from someone outside your business. General liability insurance can secure you when you experience a harmful incident happening within your operations, which results in damages towards your property or reputation.

You Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Your Employees

If you’re running a small business on your own, then you might be tempted to forego applying for workers’ compensation insurance since you don’t have anyone working for you. It will depend on your situation and the location of your company, as well as the state you live in.

In some cases, business owners are obliged to apply for a worker’s compensation insurance, especially if they have part-time or full-time employees under them. Meanwhile, those receiving the necessary help they need from contractual workers or freelancers aren’t required to get insurance. 

Your Business Insurance Requires Added Coverage for Other Damages

Small businesses that experience flooding and receive corresponding damages are usually not covered by your existing business insurance. That’s because your policies do not include water damages that can occur due to plumbing problems and drainage issues.

Instead, you will have to purchase an add-on for your current business insurance to guarantee you are covered from a flooding incident that leads to uncontrollable damages. If your office is situated in a high-risk flooding location, it’s best to be safe and opt for comprehensive coverage with commercial flood insurance.


Choosing the perfect insurance for your business takes time and research to determine the right policies. Given that, you may need to acquire the assistance of a professional who can help you out! 

You never know when accidents can happen, so it’s best to be prepared by acquiring the protection you need. It would also help to learn about the coverages available before deciding on selecting the business insurance for you.

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