Safer Holidays Made Simple: 3 Tips to Follow at Home

As another year nears its end, it can be impossible not to get into the holiday spirit because December officially marks the start of Christmas, Hanukkah, and other memorable celebrations.

Currently, your to-do list is probably filled with all various tasks that you’ll need to take care of during this season of joy and thankfulness. Whether you’ve got to prepare for back-to-back dinners that you’ll be hosting or need to get presents for your family and friends, there’s no doubt that this season, albeit joyous, can be a stressful one.

Amid all the thoughts that you have in mind and the priorities that you need to face, there’s one specific question that you should ask yourself during the holiday preparation: “Is my home as safe as it needs to be this holiday season?”

Safety made simple

Although it’s no secret that the holiday season is a perfect time for joy, love, and festivities, many people forget that it can also be a time for tragedies, especially when it comes to home safety.

By now, you’ve probably seen a handful of news clips all over the Internet or on the TV that have reported about house fire cases, electrical problems, and safety issues. The unfortunate part about all this is that it can happen to anyone and end up ruining the holidays for the years to come.

At this point, you’re probably wondering about how you can prevent your home from being another victim of an untimely house fire. Thankfully, following these home safety tips for a joyous and safe holiday season will go a long way in terms of protecting you, your loved ones, and your valuables:

Tip #1: Never leave your cooking unattended

Given that Christmas dinners are rather hectic and packed with all sorts of tasks to worry about and deal with, it can be tempting to just stuff your bird in the oven and leave it while you take care of other matters.

However, the problem with practicing this habit is that it can leave your home prone to experiencing sudden blazes. According to this report by the National Fire Protection Agency, cooking carelessly is the leading cause of home fires in the USA as it is responsible for an average of 172,900 fires per year.

Thankfully, you can prevent such issues from popping up and engulfing your home by simply looking after your oven or stove to spot and prevent any minor problems that can set your home in flames!

Tip #2: Be extra careful when you set up the tree

During the holidays, accidents when decorating is a cause of many hospital visits among Florida natives that is far more common than anyone can expect.

From broken bones and fractures to bruises and concussions, major problems and reasons to visit the hospital stem from pure carelessness while setting up Christmas trees or hanging wreaths. By ensuring that your working surfaces are stable and taking extra care when moving items around, you can save yourself a trip to the hospital as you bring your holiday vision to life!

Tip #3: Check on your home insurance policy and update it

Although most of us wouldn’t want to admit it, anything bad can unexpectedly happen to our homes (and ourselves) during the holidays. This is where updating or improving your insurance coverage can help. By taking the time to review your current insurance policy or upgrade your array of options—whether it may be health or home insurance—with the Apex Insurance Agency, you can have a happy and safe holiday season!


When it comes to having a safe and enjoyable holiday, it’s critical to note that having the right tips and tricks in mind can go a long way to ensure that nothing unfortunate takes place. With this guide’s help and the three key pointers mentioned above, you won’t need to worry about messing your plans up or accidentally putting your house on fire!

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