The Basics of Filing a General Liability Claim

Accidents happen, often unexpectedly. If a guest becomes injured on your business property, the first appropriate action is to call for immediate medical assistance. However, furious customers might blame your establishment and refuse to foot the bill. Thus, general liability in Delray Beach is a necessary coverage for your franchise. 

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance helps business owners cover compensation for bodily injuries or physical damages that occur on your property. In case of a lawsuit, it can shoulder legal expenses and satisfy medical expenses. Often in bundles, general liability insurance encompasses the following areas.

1. Bodily Harm

Should a client obtain an injury due to regular business operations, liability insurance can cover any related expenses. 

2. Property Damage

This pertains to damage to client property during regular business hours. 

3. Products Liability

In the case of an accident or injury, some clients will choose to sue. Product liability can protect you and your business against specific claims. 

4. Completed Operations

If you function within the construction industry, this type of coverage can protect operations in the event of an accident or injury due to your products or services. For example, if a fixture you added to a client’s home causes bodily harm or property damage, your business can be held liable.

5. Personal Injury

This case refers to damage caused by libel, slander, or advertising. 

Combatting Liability Lawsuits

At worst, your business will face a lawsuit, which can become costly in the long run. You can avoid draining company assets by filing an insurance claim. How much time you have to do so will depend on the circumstances and type of claim you’re after. 

When it comes to liability insurance, you typically have two options to choose from: claims-made or occurrence. Occurrence policies cover claims only if incidents occur when the policy is in place. 

On the other hand, a claims-made policy allows you to file against the insured regardless of when the accident took place. 

If sued, you’ll usually have 20 days to respond to a claim. However, this timeframe may vary according to state. Information you’ll have to include are:

  • Your contact information
  • Your name and business title
  • Your policy number 
  • The date and location of the accident
  • A detailed description of what took place
  • Any documentation that can approve the claim

In any event that your client acquires an injury, ensure that they receive medical attention promptly. 

What if an Insurance Company Denies a Claim?

In cases of intentional or criminal acts, an insurance company will most likely deny your claim. Similarly, if an incident occurs outside of the work scope, you aren’t likely to secure a claim. Unlike professional liability claims, general liability won’t typically cover negligence on your business’ behalf, nor will it cover expenses for employee injuries. 


The best way to ensure that your employees receive medical treatment whenever necessary is to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. In the case of harm to your clients, know when to call for general liability insurance. 

At Apex Insurance Agency, we offer a wide variety of insurance products that cover you and those you care about. Our primary objective is to equip you with the right tools to manage unfair claims and keep your business afloat in emergency cases. If you are looking for help with filing a general liability claim in Delray Beach, then contact us today!

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